Are you invited on a radio show and want to record your appearance?

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How about Lilicast?

A super easy web app that records radio stations for you. Just choose the station you want and then you can record.


Hundred of stations are already set for you to record. However if you don’t find it, just suggest it and we will add it.


Either start immediately live recording or program the app to record for you during the time and the date you have set.

It’s free by the way.

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You can even schedule recordings in advance

schedule on lilicast
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Set the date as well as the duration and Lilicast will do the rest.

The recording is done in the cloud, unlike all the other solutions existing, you don’t need to run the radio on your computer live to record it at the same time.

After the show has aired you will be reminded by email when your recording is ready.

It’s very easy.

Share your radio appearance in an animated podcast

Lilicast can do this as well!

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Lilicast is a super easy tool, if not the best, to record radio shows.

But once you’ve recorded your appearance, you will want to share it with your community!

Lilicast helps you do it the best way with an animated podcast.

In addition of radio recording, you can trim your audio to keep the best part, add pictures, logos and catchphrases to get people’s attention on social networks with this animated podcast video.

No need to have specific skills, Lilicast has been designed for non-techies!

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