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Start with voice recording. And transform it into podcasts, videos, and more, with the most complete content creation platform.

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SMBs, start-ups and associations trust LiLiCAST for the creation of their audio visual content

Produce unlimited content for infinite use cases

Make your SMB stand out.

Content Marketing

Show your expertise on a Podcast, Youtube channel, your blog, ...
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Internal communication

New comers, project & strategy highlight, Sales training...
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Social media

Show how good you are with Client Testimonials and Expertise notes
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Increase your reach
and stay top-of-mind

. Audio is powerful: produce more content in less time

. Promote more frequently your business or your products  
(be heard – be seen!)

. All-in-one tool for all your communication needs, both externally and internally.

Become truly
multi format and
multi channel

. One content, multiple formats: Podcast, video, Article

. Let your audience consume the way they want

. One-click only to publish on any channel (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)



. Save time with AI-powered features (auto-retranscription, text-to-speech, auto video generation,…)

. Capture quality content instantly: Interview your CEO, experts, colleagues… through our LiLiCALL feature

. Access thousands of royalty-free assets

This is how it works

Capture audio:
easy, fast, authentic, affordable

Capture content with voice recording, auto transcription, voice generator thanks to LiLiCAST’s AI

. Choose among 4 audio options: voice recording, call Room (interviews), audio upload, human-sounding voiceovers

. Easily record from your mobile

. Professional output 

Transform your audio into podcast, video and text easily

Transform and customize content with free images, Gif’s, audio and create podcast, video or article

. The shortest content production time possible: 3 formats < 1 hours

. AI-powered video generation

. Auto-retranscription

. Thousands of royalty-free assets

. Upload your own material in one click

. No technical skills needed

Publish in the right format and everywhere, in one click

Cross channel publish on spotify, google podcast, apple music, youtube, vimeo, tiktok, instagram, facebook, linkedin, wordpress

. One-click integrations with all your external and internal communication channels

. Custom integrations available through our API

. Target the right audiences with the right formats


“What I prefer with LiLiCAST is the quality of the onboarding and the team is always here to help.”

Yes we’re here to help!
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