Let's face it:

Recording Editing Publishing Updating app tutorials is boring.

Creating and editing the same video over and over for each release is a never-ending cycle…

What if there was a better solution?

They chose LiLiCAST to create their content

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Create your demo in minutes...

A brand new process to showcase your app

Designed for business people. Our creation studio has been built knowing that you’re not a professional, and you’re unsure of what you want.

Record everything step-by step. Record  each feature as a block of few dozen of seconds, instead of few minutes long recordings. It’s a best practice that eliminates retrying over and over or getting into complex editing. 

Want to add something else in the middle? Just add a card in between.

Already have an existing video? Feed it to LiLiCAST and split it into easily editable content cards.

Apply your own branding, and use predefined layouts to make an engaging content. Add shapes like icons, arrows, emojis or images to highlight elements on-screen or spark interest. Some text to explain it all, dynamic subtitles… In a few clicks, your demo is almost ready Transform simple recordings into captivating videos that people will love!

Share your demo everywhere you want! You can embed it to your website or get a link to share.


Use our custom player (iFrame) to embed your LiLiCAST to any web page! No need for a third-party host full of ads and useless suggestions.


You can also directly post to Facebook, LinkedIn or Zapier with our native integrations.

... update it in seconds 💨

Need to update your demo with new recordings or screenshots?

Go back to your LiLiCAST, adapt the corresponding slide, and you’re done!


Updating your demo is painless, finally.

Add new content

Either in the script or the video section, drop a new card in your timeline or in the script and add what you want! Hit “Publish” and you’re done!

Update content

Your app got an update or a redesign? Or you just spotted a mistake in your demo? Change the corresponding slide in the editor, and republish. Simple as that 😉

Share once, update forever.

Using other video hosts like YouTube or Vimeo can make your awesome demo less enjoyable.


Annoying ads or suggestions will cripple the experience.


With our own video player, your LiLiCAST will update across all the links and embeds you shared.

Let us show you 😉

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Our clients reported a huge leap in productivity and creativity, letting them focus on what matters the most: their business.

Eliminate the annoying task of keeping your demos up to date from your to-do list today.

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More engagement

All this, in a powerful recording studio.

No editing experience required, No fancy features that you won’t use. Simply what your videos need to achieve success.


Hit the red button 🔴

Easily record each part of your demo right away.

Smart Split your recordings or trim them yourself, and rearrange your script as you wish.

Drag and drop your next killer demo 🤏

Our card-based video editing system lets you create videos faster than ever, in a streamlined workflow.

Drag and drop content as you like to build a winning demo.

Your voice or A.I voice? 🗣️

Don’t want to use your voice? LiLiCAST offers very natural AI voices, in 12 languages, including French and Dutch 😉

Collaboration at ❤️

Involve the whole organization around the creation of a compelling video.


Let marketing build the structure, hand the screen recordings to development, then sales can generate always updated sharing links. Simple as that.

a picture depicting the high focus on collaboration available inside LiLiCAST.

Tools to make it shine.

Everything your videos need to provide as much value as the speed it has been created.

Auto Updates

No need to reshare links or change iFrames! Edit your demo directly inside LiLiCAST, hit UPDATE, and you can relax. Everything has been updated, everywhere.

Add Shapes

Make your videos stand out with fully customizable shapes, stickers or images that you can colour, blur and edit how you want.

Your Identity

Define your brand colours, logo and visual assets once, and reuse all over your LiLiCAST workspace to keep consistency everywhere.


Keep track of engagement, average watch time, total views and locations in a comprehensive dashboard. Great to understand how your viewers react to your demo!

As a PM, I'm in charge of creating the demos to coordinate development and stakeholders.

It took me hours to make an maintain a demo back then. Now, it takes only minutes to create, and seconds to update great videos that engages my team and my clients.

A true a game-changer!


IT Project Manager - 26lights

Share where it matters

Share, store and publish anywhere with our native integrations to your favourite tools and channels.

Let's make your app
feel like magic 🪄