Do you have something to tell?

Say it with the all-in-one platform that lets anyone create impactful content and share it in Podcast, Video and Text.

Infinite use cases

Social Media

Internal Com

Content Marketing

Employer Branding



Companies like ABInbev Nagel Makers Proximus who use LiLiCAST video podcast editor

“The easiest and fastest way
to create your content.”

faster than a traditional content creation process

of a message is retained by viewers in video vs. 10% in text

time spent on page with audio/video than without

more shares on social media


Our specificity ? We start with audio.
Because audio is the quickest way to capture content. 

Choose or combine among 5 options : voice recorder, conference room recorder, personal media upload, artificial voices (yet super realistic!), audio library.

Create professional and quality content fitted to your communication needs.


Automated transcription, assisted audio editing, A.I., video creation, transform raw audio into what you you want: a Podcast, a Video, a written Article… or the 3 😉

With text to speech, speech to text, free illustrations, multiple templates… easily personalize your content. Both our UX & advanced technology are here to make it suitable for any business user.


We connect seamlessly with all your external and internal communication channels.

Click on a button and share your content instantly and in the right format to your intranet, social media platforms, website, podcast platforms.

Creating multi-channels campaigns for maximum impact is now a child’s play.

60 min
per LiLiCAST created – in
audio, video and text

3 hours
of training to turn a business
expert into a content creator

Grow your business

Every business faces its own challenges, but communication is key
LiLiCAST was designed for any business owner who wants to become a professional content producer.

Growth strategy for businesses using webmarketing and podcast thanks to LiLiCAST

Tailored for large organizations who know that
communication is key.

Whether you feel ready to mobilize an internal community of content creators or just want to ease your life, LiLiCAST is certainly the platform a modern business needs in its toolbox to become a media producer.

Designed for SMBs and Start-ups, who want to do more with less.

Content creation has become a must-have for any company that wants to have visibility on the web. Create as much content as established organizations… without exploding your budget. 

For Freelancers growing awareness for their business.

Letting people know you’re good is key to your success. And to do so, it is essential to be heavily present on social media.

We help you to achieve that with no pain.

“What I prefer at LiLiCAST is the quality of the onboarding and the team is always here to help.”

Yes we’re here to help!
Real Humans, communication experts speaking English, French and Spanish (and a bit of many other languages)