Transform your articles into monetized audio, effortlessly

Generate engaging audio versions from your texts at scale thanks to cutting-edge AI text-to-speech algorithms.


Adapt your communication to your audience. They will love you for that.

Audio solutions have a direct impact on your loyal Readers' engagement, which generate most of your revenue.

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200 voices + 50 languages = infinite possibilities

Emotion-based text-to-speech

We’ve selected the best AI voices on the market to provide your users the best experiences for any content type.

Works for 50+ languages (spanish, italian, german, ...)

Supports specific accents (british english, belgian dutch, ...)

Adapt speed and tone of voice (happy, sad, shouting, whispering, ...)

An audio player that's yours

Delight your visitors with your own customizable audio player —effortlessly skip through content, adjust playback speed, and switch between episodes with ease.


You can also engage your audience with clickable companion banners on your ads, driving higher engagement and conversions 📈

Integrates in a breeze 💨

It’s a one time, seamless configuration.


Our proprietary AI text-to-speech algorithms integrate into your business in a matter of minutes, allowing you to upload your audios to your website, and start getting revenue right away.

a preview of LiLiCAST's custom dictionary feature.

Accurate pronunciation

Prevent AI misspelling by adding all the words and their pronunciation on a custom word library synced across all your workspace.


A one-time configuration that will save you so much precious time 🕰️

Referencing matters

Not only you offer a confort to your audience to consume your content, but Google prioritizes blogs with a great user experience.

You soar in the search results, more people can hear about you: That’s a win-win situation, and you didn’t even lift a finger 👆

Embedded Monetization

Generate more revenues automatically.

Write once, earn twice (or more!) thanks to an embedded monetization system.


Publishers who embed audio on their website generate an average of 10% revenue increase thanks to the direct revenue of audio advertising but also because it increases the number of loyal readers who are also consuming all the other type of ads.

No extra effort

Go the extra mile 🏎️

We provide all the tools you need to make the best-performing audio content.

Podcast Hosting

Why not create a podcast series out of your audios? Publish to any platform of your choice (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, …), we take care of the hosting.


Keep track of engagement, average watch time, total listens and 💙 lovations in a comprehensive dashboard that updates in real time.

Explore the full potential of Audio

Looking to create native podcasts?

More than putting your blog-post to audio creation and revenue generation on autopilot, we’ve developed technologies tailored to businesses than want their voices to be heard with great content they can create 8x faster than anywhere else.

Podcast Recording Studio

Our unique recording approach helps you to Record More dynamic podcast as well as to divide by 8 the time need to edit it .


Discover >

Script Templates

Got a recurring format you’re used to redo over and over? Not anymore! You can save a script with all its audio/video in LiLiCAST and reuse them at any moment!

Social Videos

Create videos from any of your content. With LiLiCAST, you can repurpose anything, into so much things!

Remote Interviews

Conduct asynchronous interviews in seconds with a dedicated web page allowing you to get full control, without even being there.

Make your texts speak louder today!