We respect your privacy.

Our promise to you


Your data is in good hands. We will only ask permissions as little as necessary to deliver the best possible service for you.

You are in charge. We will never post to your feed, update your profile or do similar actions without you knowing and approving it.

No third wheels. We will never hand out your data to others.

You can request your data anytime. Just ask!


Personal Data are handled according to the European Commission directive 2016/679.


All the informations we collect from you can be used for:



Your Data are safe with us.

We collect the minimum necessary to perform our service and neither sell nor exchange your data to third parties.



Your data (audio files, videos files, graphics, meta data) are stored on on LiLiCAST Servers, based in Europe. We do our best to guaranty the security of your information.

All our websites and webapps use the protocol HTTPS, the access to the API is secured via private key.


Only few key people in the company can access all the data. Business development, Support and IT development services have only a limited access to your data.

Unfortunately, no system is 100% secure, and we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you provide to us. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, we do not accept liability for unauthorized disclosure.




We use cookies to improve the access to our website and web app, notably by identifying regular visitors.

Cookies are also used by our technology Partner like Google Analytics, Customerly, Hotjar, Autopilot, Pipedrive in order to improve the user experience and the support to you. Important to note : those cookies are not linked to personal information identified in our website and webapp.





We use email addresses you provide us is used to send useful application notifications, like « your video is ready », security notification like “invitation to an organization” or product updates.


Detailed instructions to unsubscribe will be found in every product update email.



External services

LiLiCAST provides its users the ability to share the content generated directly to external services like YouTube, Facebook…. We need those permissions to help you manage the social media coverage of your content. Without giving those permissions you will not be able to experience the full glory of what LiLiCAST can do.

YOU are telling Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion what information you allow LiLiCAST to get from your profile and feeds.

Each of those services require a specific authentication to grant LiLiCAST the right to share the produced content on those platforms.  In any case, sharing could be only be initiated by the user himself. We will never post to your feed, update your profile, or do similar actions without you asking for, knowing, and approving it.

For YouTube video sharing you will need to identify yourself with your Google account (basic profile information’s) and to grand lilicast.com the following permission: YouTube video  upload  and YouTube Readonly (to push LiLiCAST video to YouTube directly). You can revoke it anytime follwoing that link: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions


Here are YouTube ToS  terms of service page and Google Privacy policy


For Facebook, you login with Facebook or Share a content with Facebook.


Deleting your data

We value your right to disappear from our systems.

In order to delete your account and all the associated data you need to send a request through the chat or at users@lilicast.com.

It will take us few days to completely delete: your account and your content  from LiLiCAST platform and all services used.


Last update: 28/10/2021