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videos watched on mute

To spread your message, subtitles aren't just an option.

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more engagement

Elevate your content by generating captivating subtitles

for every single one of your content formats, in less than 2 minutes!

How does it work?

Create engaging subtitles at the speed of light.

Upload your video

Upload your existing video or Record a new one.

 You can go on to the next step – LiLiCAST does the rest 😉

Auto Generate subtitles

Create your subtitles from scratch, or using the automatically generated transcript and customize with the animation you want.

Publish anywhere

Generate your video and then publish to the platforms of your choice with our native social connectors or our iframe for your website!

💬 Auto-Subtitles

Beautiful auto-generated subtitles precisely timed to your video. No need to edit timestamps anymore 😆

📄 Generate from Script

Already have your script? we transform your text into perfect subtitles. Amazing, right?

🎨 Fully Customizable

Add your brand colours, typefaces and animations to custom the video for your needs. You content, your rules!

🧑‍💻 Easy Editing

Place, scale and adapt your subtitles in a few clicks with our user friendly interface. Less time on editing, more time-to-value!

They create their content with LiLiCAST

Infinite Use Cases

With videos, you create an intimate connection with your audience.

Traditional subtitles needs your audience to split its attention between the actual video and the subtitles.
Animated subtitles engages them as if you could hear what people are saying.

Keep this in mind to design a highly compelling approach to captivate, in seconds.

Short Form


 Don’t have a video? 

Create it with LiLiCAST… 

More than adding beautiful subtitles and captions to your content, LiLiCAST is an all-in-one audio and video creation tool designed to enable everyone in the organization to become a content creation superhero 🦸

Screen Recording

Showcase new things to your team(s) by recording your screen


Loads of unread blog-posts on your website? Turn them into multiple engaging formats in a few clicks!

Video Recording

Talk face-to-face with your audience. You simply need a webcam and LiLiCAST opened.


Create the next big podcast by simply plugging your microphone and logging into LiLiCAST. The rest will flow like water.

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Import .docx
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Repurpose everything like
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