Reusing your long audios / videos has never been easier.

Segment and transcript long-form audio and video content in a few clicks.


Reuse your long-form content
and bring yourself to the front of the world.
They create their content with LiLiCAST

1. Upload and Split

Feed your existing mp3 or mp4, LiLiCAST does the rest.


Segment any audio or video as you wish! LiLiCAST detects paragraphs, interlocutors and silences. 


And Voilà 🎉 You just made your repurposing job 10x easier.

2. Create New Content

Simply drag and drop your newly created cards to the editor.


Explore infinite repurposing possibilities with your very own asset library

Here are some repurposing ideas

Not sure where to start? We compiled some of the best performing format to date to help you getting started right away.

A descriptive image on How to use LiLiCAST to create different videos with different aspect ratios and layouts for different social media.

Short Form

Generate previews or teasers for YouTube Shorts / TikTok / Instagram to market the full content. Take advantage of today’s most beloved format.

Video Wrapping

Enhance engagement by adding aesthetics like titles or your brand colours and logo. Make your videos more segmented and memorable!


Comment and react to the content by adding yourself in between chunks of the original video! Great to add personal opinions or dive deeper into certain subjects.

Best Of

Compile the key moments of one or multiple audios/videos into a single one, effortlessly!

Already convinced? Go and feed your large file

Why Repurposing?

In the digital arena, content repurposing is key.

Don’t confine your message—let it echo across media.

LiLiCAST refreshes your existing content, boost the creation of new one, while engaging audiences everywhere..


Our mission? Empower any team member to become a professional content producer.

More reasons to love LiLiCAST

More than transcripting your audios at the speed of light, LiLiCAST is an all-in-one audio and video creation tool designed to enable everyone in the organization to become a content creation superhero 🦸

Screen Recording

Showcase new things to your team(s) by recording your screen


Loads of unread blog-posts on your website? Turn them into multiple engaging formats in a few clicks!

Call Room

Our proprietary audio call system records and transcripts every part of your call inside LiLiCAST, allowing faster preparation and post-production.


Create the next big podcast by simply plugging your microphone and logging into LiLiCAST. The rest will flow like water.

Repurpose your
long texts

Import .docx
or ChatGPT answers
to give voice to your texts!

Repurpose everything like
a champion!

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