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Industrialize your Podcast creation

We know you days are an infinite loop and that you’re asked to do more and more.

Focus on making the best content, we take care of the rest



Recording, Editing and Hosting. All-in-One.

Anyone can be Autonomous in its Podcast Creation

An automated 3-step process to create 8x faster

From writing your script, to recording and publishing, there are best practices.

Thanks to our extensive experience growing radio stations and podcasters, we found the ultimate recipe for everyone to create and reuse their content by providing them the tools and processes they need to industrialize their creation, in one single app.


Create a script from scratch, or import an existing text or URL to get started even faster.

Record & Edit

Add the voice of your choice (or record your own), fine-tune your script and add post-production elements like your intro/outro.


Embed in your website and it share instantly to any podcasting platform with our native integrations, and also to your website with your custom audio player.

Faster, better, stronger

All the tools you need to be heard

With LiLiCAST, you only need only 3 things to make a good podcast: a good microphone, a good script, and your best energy. The technical side of things? We’ve got that covered. 

Enjoy making mistakes

Who can record 5 minutes in a row without mistakes? The truth is = very few people.


Thanks to our card-based system, never waste your valuable time re-recording the same part you stammer on over and over.


The script editor is made so that your can break out your content into cards, making recording much faster than reading your full pages out loud.


Industrialization at 💙

Got a recurring format you’re used to redo over and over? Create all your structures, jingles, and audio assets once, and save it as a template to recreate in a single click next time.


The golden rule: Create once, reuse forever!

Free-to-use asset library

Build your intro and outro songs freely inside LiLiCAST with our library of royalty-free background music, jingles and fillers. If you already have your own, add it to your library in two clicks and reuse on all your podcasts!

Create subtitles in one click

No need for a third party to build beautiful subtitles anymore! Create subtitles from your script or the audio transcript automatically synced with your audio, edit colours and animations and 💣💥

Don't want to use your voice?

Our emotion-based text-to-speech algorithms features dozens of different tones of voice and regional accents. So if you wanted your content to sound like like british english or belgian dutch, you can 👌

Real-time analytics

Keep track of total listens, viewer location, average dwell time and engagement in a comprehensive dashboard that helps you understand which content sticks, or not.


Reach new audiences, effortlessly

Creating and repurposing opportunities are infinite! What’s more: you can automate it.

There are multiple benefits in creating podcasts. Here are the most important ones.


Give the power to your audience to consume your content however they want. Visually impaired people will also benefit from it.


Optimizing your user experience with audios has a significant impact on SEO. Don't miss an opportunity to soar in the search results 📈


Repurpose your content into podcasts or videos, and cross-publish to all major platforms for maximum reach!


Offering a new format is also offering new way to share a content we love. Get featured on the Web and boost your online authority with no extra effort!

Start with a template right from the home page, and get guided all the way from scripting to sharing! 

Get started with templates

Create powerful content formats


Generate engaging podcasts from your website’s blog section or any text thanks to cutting-edge AI transcription and text-to-speech algorithms.

Audio Podcast

Take your microphone, a subject and your best energy, and get started building your audience with one single tool to handle it all.

Remote Interview Podcast

Either physically or virtually, record your interviewees with pristine quality. Get a clear transcript, apply post-production elements, and you’re ready to share!

Embedded recording options makes your life much more easier.

Record the way you want.

Compatible with any setup

microphone podcast internal communication

USB Mics

Whether you’re a Rode or Shure Fan, just plug your USB mic or your USB Audio interface with an XLR Mic to your computer, it will be chosen automatically as the main recording source


Your smartphone is certainly the best recording mic you have.


Whether you want to record Audio or Video, open LiLiCAST on your phone and hit record anywhere you are!


Pro Studio

You’re lucky to enjoy a real professional studio with top mics and mixing table?


Just open LiLiCAST on the browser of the studio computer and press record!

It’s that simple.

Embed in your website

Customizable Audio Player

Our SEO-friendly, responsive and customizable audio player iFrame allows you to embed your content seamlessly anywhere on your website.

Real-time collaboration

Collaboration at 💙

With multiple seats on your workspace, involve everyone in your content, in real time. Assign a columnist, an animator and an editor, and you just divided your production time by 3 🤩

a picture depicting the high focus on collaboration available inside LiLiCAST.


Become a top-tier podcaster

Podcast Academy, it’s a free course by LiLiCAST to teach you everything you need to know to supercharge youru podcasting journey.

Get trained in one hour, with 14 short videos where you will discover pro 

Make your texts speak louder today!

Half the price, half the hassle, twice the engagement!

Let’s discover together how we can help you reach new audiences automatically!