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How to create a podcast ?

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In recent years, podcasts have become an essential tool for web personalities/influencers. However, creating a podcast is not a task to be taken lightly. Indeed, it is only by creating them correctly that they will become a real asset for you. And to do this, you will need the right equipment. For most of you – podcasters, bloggers and even amateurs – the most important thing is to be able to make a quality podcast using an intuitive and fast production tool. It is also essential to be able to prepare your topic in the best way possible and share your achievement with your community, right? And for you, radio hosts, having a tool accessible to your entire team is also one of your priorities, right? If so, it is now time for you to discover the LiLiCAST web app!

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Prepare your subject

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In order to create a quality podcast, it is crucial to prepare it in advance. From the initial ideas to the construction of your thread, you must not neglect any detail. For many of you, regularity in the publication of a podcast is very important. This creates a link with your listeners who will be eagerly waiting for the release date of your podcasts. However, you may be late and unable to meet your deadlines. If this happens to you, you will surely think that you can still make your recording, even if it has not been completely prepared. Know that this is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make when making a podcast. Indeed, in addition to adding an extra workload in the post-production part, you will give the impression to your listeners that you do not master the subject you are dealing with.

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By using LiLiCAST, you will no longer have to worry about all this! You will have at your disposal an easy-to-use text preparation tool. You can then write your entire podcast, the main topics you will cover or some key ideas that could fit into your speech. You will then have a structured and understandable podcast for your listeners. A strong point of the app is that you can easily prepare podcasts with several people. Radio host? Forget e-mails or grouped messages to your colleagues! Build your programs with LiLiCAST’s collaborative text tool. In addition to saving you time, your entire team will feel included in the preparation. You can also add your guests of the day to make an even better podcast!

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Record and edit your podcast

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To create an attractive podcast, the recording of your audio must be flawless. Your listeners don’t want to hear strange sounds, crackling or even babbling! They want clear and rhythmic content that they can easily understand. And that’s something you want too. That’s why, once your audio is recorded, you’ll have to go through a long post-production phase. Removing annoying sounds, cutting your audio, organizing your podcast…etc. You may want to create an animated podcast to make your audio more lively and interesting for your community. Each part of your podcast may be subject to change. It is a long but mandatory task.

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However with LiLiCAST, this stage will turn out to be much more fun and entertaining than expected. Indeed, you will be able to edit your podcast as you wish. Cut it out so that you only keep your best parts, choose the beginning and end of your podcast and then admire the result! Once the audio of your podcast has been modified, you can then create visuals to support your speech. To illustrate your comments and make your podcast more exciting for your listeners, you can add images and text, for example. This will allow you to highlight the important ideas in your speech and even make them easier for your audience to understand. LiLiCAST provides you with a lot of different templates and images to help you create your animated podcast.

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Promote your podcast on the internet

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Finally, once your podcast has been hosted, modified and then enhanced with photos, you will be able to publish and distribute it to your community! Radio hosts, bloggers, podcasters… You are all concerned by this step. Indeed, what is the point of creating a podcast if you can’t share it with your listeners? Whether on your website or your social networks, putting your podcast online is a real opportunity. In addition to building loyalty in your current community, this will allow you to arouse the curiosity of new people and thus increase your audience. Promoting your podcast is first and foremost about communicating it on all Internet channels.

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Being able to post your podcast on social networks is an undeniable asset to make yourself known throughout the world, and thanks to LiLiCAST, it will be a breeze for you! Indeed, the app allows you to post your podcast on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram as well as on your website. You can then broadcast your entire podcast, or a simple teaser you have created. For radio professionals, LiLiCAST provides you with an additional feature: the automatic publication of your podcast on your radio website at a given date and time. No need to be afraid of missing your appointment with your listeners!

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