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Do you think you have the podcasts that new audiences look for on their digital networks? 

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Your audience is now used to seeing visually pleasing content all over their social networks. How can you turn your podcasts into something that will satisfy their need? When you combine audio with visuals and make it into an animated podcast, you will be able to offer something special that attracts and entertains your audiences.

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You might already have your community that you share your podcasts with. But why not aim for the stars and try growing your audience into something even bigger, something different? More importantly, how to reach these audiences?

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Create specialized content & reach them all!

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With LiLiCAST, you will be able to create specialized content.

From one single recording, whether it was radio or audio you record, you can create multiple different LiLiCASTs and give your audience the specific content they look for. For example, a recording of one hour can give you material for up to 5-10 capsules.

You can divide your full podcast into smaller takeaways and separate LiLiCASTs. These pieces can all be of specific and different topics, and this way, you can attract different audiences as these videos will attract diverse people.

You can use these as teasers for your show, or create a series of podcasts that you publish frequently, for example.

If you have something to offer to everyone, you will have the chance to reach everyone, and therefore, to grow your podcast audience.

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Know your audience!

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In order to be able to offer your community the right specialized content, you will need to know your audience.

What is important and interesting to them?

Creating demographic and psychographic profiles for your potential audiences will help you discover what they value, and through this, what they use your podcast channel for.

In order to make a real connection with your audience, you need to speak their language.

Relating with your audience and their need, talking about your expertise and how it can benefit them, will eventually benefit your podcast, too.

Once you know who’s listening and who’s watching, you can create specialized content that sparks their interest.

In order to keep your audience’s attentiveness up, you need to keep feeding them the podcasts and specific capsules of it that they want.

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Make your show into an animated podcast!

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You can customize your shows with LiLiCAST by adding visuals to your audio.

Pictures and text will make a difference to a traditional podcast. Therefore, this animated podcast will be even more attractive to your audience.

With audience all over the world, speaking different languages, visuals can be worth a thousand words.

LiLiCAST also offers the functionality of adding subtitles to your animated podcast, which is useful when targeting new and different audiences.

This will make growing your podcast audience even easier!

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Why not add tags?

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You can also create tags for your podcasts so your current and future audience can easily find and access your content.

You will be able to reach new audiences for your podcast when they look for content with tags that interest them and land on your material.

This way, you can easily grow new audiences and increase the volume of people who look for your podcasts.

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Using LiLiCAST, you will be available anywhere, anytime, and any which way.

You can access the web app on smartphones and desktops, and there is no need to install anything.

You will be able to use it wherever you are as long as you have Internet connection.

Creating specialized quality content that your audience is expecting could not get any easier!

You can adapt your animated podcasts to all social networks, and sharing them everywhere online is easy. Facebook and WordPress allow you to share your videos directly from LiLiCAST, for others, it is only a couple of more clicks.

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With the impact of social media nowadays, you can get your content shared on all digital platforms on the other side of the world in no time is no challenge. 

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With LiLiCAST, it is easy and effective to create meaningful content that helps you grow audiences for your animated podcasts. 

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