Why should you do marketing for podcasts and radio shows?


Welcome to our series of marketing for podcasts and radio shows! Through these episodes, you will get to know the various aspects of the seemingly difficult word: “marketing”,  how you can apply them to your show…and that it’s more accessible than you think.

Whether you are a producer or independent host, this series will be useful in increasing your show’s brand exposure.You’ll find a lot of tips for beginners and also advanced users.

We decided to create this series because we are truly committed in helping you to getting your work to be discovered. Like many content creators, you are good at creating content but less comfortable with marketing it.

This series will include various topics;

          – getting to know your audience,

          – building your brand,

          – marketing strategy,

          – content marketing,

          – social media marketing,

          – SEO and web traffic

          – relevance of offline marketing.


In the first episode, you will get a general idea of marketing, why you should consider it and how easy it can be! Let’s demystify marketing.

So why must you do marketing?

We often say that building a product is only half of the work and the other half is making the product/service to be known. Once your product or service is available on the market you’ll have to ensure that people hear about it.

So how do you get people to hear about it? Through marketing. It is not show your audience would appreciate your content and remember your brand. First to come back to your brand and, second, to become an ambassador of your brand. However, we can agree that there is a lack of marketing initiative taken when it comes to the podcast or radio show world.

So why is this? This is because marketing for a podcast or video show can be time-consuming and the marketing tools might not be accessible or complicated to use. This makes marketing seem more like a nightmare than beneficial but we are here to change your mind.

Don’t worry about it being too difficult or complicated. These are all made easy steps.

How can you market?

Digital marketing is obviously the main mean your end product after all is digital. The good news is screen time continues increasing which means your audience is onine, around 3 hours per day spent on the screen, and this is just an average. So get to your audience.

Benefits and advantages of digital marketing.

funnel lilicastFirst of all, it’s cost-efficient. You can start with all the free touch points left side and social media. It’s not only free but also fairly easy to set up. Second of all it can be personalized. The magic about digital marketing is that you can divide your audience into segments and create a more personalized message for the different segments of audience. Thirdly, it’s measurable. Some basic statistics will help you find your audience. Unlike other types of marketing following that it can be very easily adaptable. Your marketing content can always be adjusted depending on your audience and your upgrades. This is just another incentive to digital marketing as it is so easily adaptable. Last we can be repetitive.

What does this mean?

Once your content is produce. You cannot reuse it as much as you want Let’s conclude here. What can marketing do for you I’ll give you by an exposure your brand will become more known and recognized by people. Your audience will be more aware of your van. This will serve as an opportunity to create brand loyalty and Customer Loyalty by just a few of the many benefits of marketing for your podcast and your radio show the station to find out what is coming up next on this series.