Start building your podcast brand!


Before you can think about getting people to hear about your product or service, you will first need to build an authentic brand. Here are a few things you should do before presenting your brand.

To begin with, carry out research to find out who your customers are. Look for data and analytics or make your own. Who are your target audience? How well do you know them? You want to know who your competitors are. Why is this important? You want to know what you’re against. Benchmark similar products or services to get measure what the standards and what you would need to improve. This will give you the opportunity to discover what your competitive advantage is. Express your mission in your branding.

Elements you will need in building a brand

To begin with, a logo. A logo with the initial visual representation of your brand. It should be recognizable and memorable. It should be something only unique to your brand. Here is an easy-to-use web app that will help you create just the logo you need. It’s called hatchville.

Secondly a tagline. Come think of your brand when they hear it.

Finally, you can include a sonic logo or a jingle include a sound or a beat that is unique to your brand. This will allow people to be able to recognize your brand from just a sound. All of the above will give you a random personality that will make you stand out from the rest, but giving you brand a voice the message of who you are, what you offer and, why people should care about your brand. Your brand should consistently be included throughout your business.

Next step?

Once you have established a strong branding you can then move on to the next step on specific marketing aspects. Two beneficial strategies are content marketing and social media marketing. This will be discussed more in detail in the coming episode. The next step is to collect analysis on how will your marketing strategy worked and to make a report. This can be very useful as you will get an idea of how you can improve what you can change and what worked with this you can adapt your marketing strategy for improved results.

In the next episode you’ll find out more about how to plan a marketing strategy. So stay tuned.