Podcasts according to History books

Once a great wise man manifestly imposed that a podcasts page of a radio needs to look like a digital release of the daily live program. Like a kind of replay, for those who missed the live broadcast, for the late ones who absolutely had to finish their favorite program without missing a drop… A mere copy/paste.

Well, no doubt one day they will put down the biography of this wise man in the History books. But I’m not sure about it. In fact I assume that this strategy is getting closer to anachronisms every day. Could we be so naive or lazy to imagine that this is enough ? Laurent Frisch, CEO of Radio France, declared this week, in regard to podcast production, to have “a real content strategy”.

Two BIG words here … “strategy” and “content”. I can’t agree more.

Really, some people are thinking today that offering a list of podcasts which is only a copy of the full radio show, is creating content? This describes a real poor definition of what “content” should be. In reality content is an idea, an opinion, an investigation, a coverage, an interview, a funny moment… Content defines itself by its subject as well as by what it’s about. That is creating content. Most of the radio shows daily produce, in one single broadcast, many different contents.

And there is Strategy. The public which listens live on FM waves or through a web player and those who listen to the podcasts are different, clearly, their listening media is different as well. Then how can we still imagine that different audiences on different media would like to consume the same content ? That I won’t call strategy. That is just running a podcasts page according to the archaic principles of an old wise man in as it was put down in the History books.

Obviously ten years ago they would have replied that they had no technical means to do better. Definitely some radio CEO would still argue now that doing better costs too much.

Well… Except there is LiLiCAST.



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