Use the animated podcast as an internal communication tool!

Internal communication concerns all the actions put in place to communicate within a company, an association, an institution, etc. It is therefore not limited to large companies! Any group that needs to structure itself will need internal communication.

Communicating internally and effectively requires a lot of effort. Indeed, the challenges of internal communication are diverse: the price is often too high, it takes too long and it is not very modern.

Internal communication therefore needs to reinvent itself and modernize! Why not use the animated podcast as an internal communication tool? LiLiCAST overcomes these problems and much more…

outil de communication interne

The proposal of LiLiCAST

Is it really possible to produce impactful content, quickly, easily and at a low cost?

The answer is yes! It surprises you? LiLiCAST has been designed to answer this question. With the animated podcast as an internal communication tool, the only things you need are your voice, your message and a few minutes in front of you.

More impact

With LiLiCAST you create an animated podcast in an innovative format that can be listened to, read and watched, anytime and anywhere!

You produce videos based on the message you want to communicate to your team. These videos are impactful because the common thread is your voice! Hearing the sound of your voice, your team will feel the human side of your message and will feel concerned and touched. When we are affected by a message, we tend to remember it better!

Quickly and easily

The production and creation of your animated podcast on our application is done in a few minutes. It is a complete platform which allows you to write, record, rework audio, illustrate and publish it. It has also been designed to be used by everyone.

100 times cheaper than a standard video

We have developed attractive subscriptions adapted to your needs! You “brand” your LiLiCAST in your image and broadcast quality content for a total price less than 100 times the price of a standard video.

multiposting podcast

An all-in-one tool

To go a little more in detail, here are some examples of features present on our LiLiCAST application:

Recording your voice

You can record your voice directly on our app. Your recordings will be stored on LiLiCAST, no need to use space on another platform!

Visual library

To design your LiLiCASTs in the best way, you have two options:
– you can use your own visuals and images.
– We also put at your disposal a library of videos, images and GIFs which will push the limits of your creativity and which will make your LiLiCAST as authentic as possible!

Multiple formats for adapted distribution

You have created  great animated podcast with LiLiCAST, you must now distribute it! Pre-established formats (square, horizontal or vertical) are available on our application to allow you to post on social networks or any other platform that your company already uses.

Multilingual subtitles

Another of our many features is the ability to add subtitles to your LiLiCASTs. You recorded your message in French but some members of your team may not understand you? No problem! Add easily subtitles in another language and customize your animated podcast to the fullest.

lilicast app

Still not convinced?

How about the strategic benefits of using LiLiCAST and the animated podcast for internal communication?

We have already mentioned above the saving of time and money thanks to LiLiCAST. A logical consequence of this is also a gain in productivity and efficiency! Suddenly, the internal communication department has a tool that meets their needs which makes their daily life easier and allows them to focus on the essentials of the profession.

With our easy-to-use and versatile application, you can work together on the same project and move forward together in the right direction. By putting the internal communication team on the same page in terms of objectives, everyone can do LiLiCASTs and everyone can therefore be empowered!

The benefits of good internal communication are therefore numerous:

  • you empower your team,
  • strategic objectives are better shared and therefore allow better collaboration,
  • the initiatives and news of the companies are valued in an original way.