Does radio have something to sell?

I didn’t go back to school, I just randomly found my old Kötler & Dubois Marketing book. My mind then started to imagine my old professor, in front of me, telling me about the exam subject: “What is radio’s product (or service)? You have two hours.

They seem so far away those days where my classmate enjoyed to remind me what we learned in the previous lessons: ” Start with the client, so the one paying. In radio’s case it’s the advertiser“. And the one listening then? “Well… It’s the customer“.

The customer, the client… But then there would be two products? One sold to the advertiser and the other one consumed by the listener? And so which one comes first? …Chapter 1… Chapter 2… Chapter 3… I’m digging.

If it’s possible to have listeners without advertisers, the other way around seems completely impossible. So the customer stays the first priority. Back to square one. What is the product that is really sold to the customer? Music? Humor? Info? Analysis? Reporting? Shows? And by the way, are shows content or “packaging”?

Between 2 graphics and 3 diagrams, I feel like I’m starting to get stuck, but apparently the product is supposed to be the content. I need to reassure myself. To verify. If the product is the shows’ content, then I will find it everywhere radio stations promote themselves, starting with social networks. Good idea!

I decided to check the Facebook’s pages of RTL, NRJ, Alouette, Skyrock (all famous french radio stations)… To reassure myself.

I found text, TV, video, drawings, pictures… No audio content, no radio extracts. Nothing. So it is possible to promote radio without ever actually using radio? Promote an anti-wrinkle cream without showing cream or wrinkles? Sell a marketing book without talking about Marketing or books?

Definitely I need to go back to school.


By Arik Azoulay – LiLiCAST Editions

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