Focus on what matters the most.

the content

Audio production is slow. Our automation takes care of the heavylifting, so that your team has the time to do what they know the best – creating great content.

conquer new areas of


Unleash your inner guerrilla marketer or build strategy for each platform. Whatever your tactic is, we are your comrades on your path to get better gains through advertisement.


 – create a virtous circle –


tools in one.

Word, Excel, Mail Whatsapp, Audacity, imovie



more audience.

In average our client achieve to build a strong fan base with loyal followers



integrate the digital in your way of working

Integrtion and automation means


The logic is simple. More eyeballs you get, the wider your audience will be. With constant, scheduled flow of online videos you can reach listeners you couldn’t in any other way.


Radio waves, we all love them. But it is not enough. Broadcasting business is changing and that means extra work for you.

We can help you with that and this is how we do it.


Build your show together with your team! Write, comment and edit the same view.

Get history of guests, save your templates, plan your social media firewors and many other features…

Sounds better than the fuzzy email chains, eh?


Schedule or record manually your show and tag the hot stuff right in the heat of the moment.

Toss the papers and forget the clumsy corporate systems. Read your script in clean view whatever is your device – deskop or mobile.

Sounds better than fighting with the printer & begging for getting your podcast?


Keep the good parts, toss in some images and stir. Your video mix will be done in no time.

No matter what is your platform, our robots will deliver the content to your website and social media channels without sweat.

Don’t tell me you don’t have 3 minutes to become a digital king!

Integrated radio recording

Script preparation

Easy mobile audio editing

Semi-automated visual creation

Website integration

WordPress plug-in

They call it cloud, we call it


Put email chains, Whatsapp messages and floppy text files to history.
We keep everything in one place accessible for your team in every step of the production.

Less hassle, more profit.

Stay true to your


The video is your visual voice. We help you to develop and extend your online brand through the built in templating tools.

How do you want to start?

Start right away for your show

Upload your branding pictures, schedule your episodes, customize your colors and layouts.. and you’re ready to go!

Deploy it to your whole organization?

Implementing a new way of working needs a tailored appraoch. Our organization experts will help defining the best startegy, schedule the trainings!!