The network effect and social media marketing

In this episode you’ll get to know more about influencing the network effect with social media marketing.

What is the network effect?

The network effect essentially is the added value as more people use your website. In simple words, added value increases as usage increases. More people equal more value. The network effects can also help in generating your SEO.


The two types of network effects

The first one direct Network effect. So the value of his service simply increases as the number of users increase. And indirect Network effect is when value increases for one user group when a new user from a different user group uses your service or product.


Social Media Marketing.

This includes posting on social media that will help you increase brand awareness and help you improve your brand image. Social media can include Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Now, how often should you post? The most important thing to remember is to stay consistent and to keep up the quality of your content. You can start slowly. So, for example by posting on your social media platforms, once every two weeks. Once this is established, you can now exponentially increase how often you post. For example, you can start posting once every 2 days. Now again, the most important thing to remember is to post consistently and also not to post to way too often. You don’t want to annoy your audience being in their face all the time.

What is the relationship between social media marketing and the network effect ?

Social media marketing will increase brand exposure. More people will be looking at your content. Therefore, increasing the amount of people that use your website. This will increase your network effect positively.


What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media marketing comes with a vast amount of benefits. To begin with, you get to build your brand awareness and brand exposure. Social media will help with this. People will be more exposed to your brand and the content that you produce. people will not only notice your brand better but also get to know your brain better. You develop a community through social media marketing. People that view your content follow to know more of your content. You also create a sense of belonging with this. Again, going back to the point of developing a community, you give them a shared vision and a commonality. You also help provide context to new people to people that don’t know you brand. they will get to learn more about you brand and again increase your brand exposure

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