The 3 podcast recording modes

What is the preferred podcast recording mode? Speaking seems, to many people, to be simple and natural. However, expressing yourself correctly with eloquence is an art! Are you stressed when you speak? Don’t worry, most of us are. Sometimes you stammer and sometimes look for your words, but with a little practice … You might well get a taste for it!
Now that you know how to create your first podcast, here are 3 tips to easily record it and not lose track!

Mode 1 : Read 


We do not recommend reading text while recording a podcast. Lack of energy will make you lose your listener!

Mode 2 : Converse


Conversing is a great way to record a podcast! Like explaining something to a friend. The listener will feel closer to you and will listen to you until the end.

Mode 3 : Interview

Another podcast recording mode is the interview. We recommend it because this mode allows you to be dynamic and ask the right questions! The interview mide allows you to have a rhythm in your podcast.

You will understand, at LiLiCAST we favor modes 2 and 3: conversing and interviewing. And you ? What mode do you use when recording podcast?