Hi! Welcome! This week the topic of this blog segment is : why create a podcast video and how to do it

Podcasting has been getting more and more appeal these past few years and its number of followers doesn’t seem to decrease. There are in fact more than 21 million hours of podcast listened to every day!

Its popularity can be explained by a few reasons: mostly, it is a very intimate way of communication, favoured in the creation of commercial contents as well as non-commercial ones for the proximity it creates with the audience. It is easier to set up than a video or an article which demand more time and investment. It asks for little equipment. It allows to position yourself as an authority in your field and so to be considered a trustworthy source. Finally, it guarantees a growth in terms of visibility

So to create a good podcast, you have to find the right topic, record yourself, and then you have to publish it. In practice, podcast is often shared on audio hosting platforms like soundcloud. But this is not enough. To grow your audience, you have to find a way to reach more people and so share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,…

Only problem, the podcast format often gets unnoticed once it is shared. Indeed, on social networks, an audio content won’t stand out among all visual content. Those platforms are filled with pictures and videos, so when someone will scroll through his feed he won’t notice your post.

So what should you do? Transform your audio into visual content! A video format will allow you to catch your audience’s attention but also to keep it listening for longer. To do this, you have two options, either transform the entirety of your podcast into a video, or transform only an extract to create a teaser which will lead back to the whole podcast.

Now the question is : how do I transform a podcast into a social video? In order to do that, there are the video editing programs and other techniques. Then there is LiLiCAST. We have created LiLiCAST precisely to counter the visibility problem audio contents have. Thanks to the application you can add images and texts to your podcast to turn it into an impactful social video in a few minutes. You make your podcast visible which allows you to grow your audience without all the effort of a video editing process.