How to choose the name of your podcast?

When it is time to choose the name of your podcast, it can get difficult! The name and the visual of your podcast are two very important aspects of its identity, it will be the first things that listeners will see. If you’re creating a podcast, you’re probably already wondering what you’re going to call it. Here are several tips for successfully choosing your podcast name!

Choose a logical name

It is advisable to choose a name related to the theme of your podcast and the content posted. Otherwise, you take the risk that Internet users do not understand the main subject of your podcast, and decide not to be interested in it. A person reading your title should be able to determine the subject, without even having to listen to the content.
For the name to be effective, prefer the use of one or more keywords used regularly in your podcast or in close connection with your content. Simple and clear terms, to be understood by everyone.
For example: 10 things that scare me is a funny and relatable podcast about people’s biggest fears, from big to small.


10 things that scare me

Find an original name

You can also bet on the originality card. Use funny expressions, word groups or word games, which let listeners guess the theme of your podcast. Arouse curiosity; it makes us smile and it will mark minds more easily.
To do this, you can directly search for word games or expressions, without creating one. The Internet is full of resources for this.
For example: Ear Hustle is a podcast about listeners inside the gates of San Quentin prison.


ear hustle podcast

Make sure it doesn’t already exist

Above all, check that your name is unique, that it is not already used by other podcasters, or other brands. Because the user who first adopted a trade name can initiate proceedings against the one who uses the same name.

To check the uniqueness of the name you found, just do a Google search and verify the authenticity of your name. You will quickly see if a brand has already opted for this designation. In addition, to verify that it is not already taken by a podcaster, do a search in podcast applications such as Itunes or Sound Cloud. If you can’t find anything, good news, you have the name of your podcast!

It’s important that you take the time to think about it, asking yourself the right questions. The name of your podcast is indeed your business card and can quickly say a lot about your audio content. Don’t create it lightly! Arm yourself with enough to write down, and start your quest for the perfect name!