Coffee please… It’s for my audience

This blog is interesting… Yes… Even bluffing. Each article generates online debates with some of you which, inevitably, bring us on the topic of the following article. Recently, I sent multiple emails to offer the possibility to subscribe to a webinar. A pretty classic appointment on social networks these days: a virtual meeting through screens and connections. For this first webinar, I start with a big topic: how to grow an audience. Quickly the first reactions and subscriptions arrived. The one I would like to tell you about today came from a collaborator of a VERY BIG company ( I won’t give the name). A big company with multiple radio stations broadcasting multiple shows. “Thanks but I think that our company knows how to grow its own audience…“. I agree with him. His remark is even more interesting knowing that of course I don’t consider myself a lecturer or a miracle maker, I was just offering a 30 minutes demo on a common topic : audience… And additionally a return on experience to explain why ALL our users grow their audience. But the strength of habit and the resistance against change and innovation are my usual companions. So I welcomed his reaction with kindness. Besides I can easily imagine that when Nespresso arrived on the market it also received some “no thanks, our company already has a coffee…” yes obviously, with coffee grinders, filters, coffee makers and sugar cubes already existed… coffee existed, coffee that stayed kind of warm sitting in a pot in the… cafeteria. Yes there even was a room just for that. It was long, complicated, expensive and somehow less tasty: but we had coffee! And today almost everyone has an expresso machine. So I decided to check. Obviously what did I find ? That in this company, the general audience of most of their radio stations is decreasing. That radio stations have very few shows that actually grow their audience. And of course I noticed that the audience on web channels are symbolic, and that 90% of their podcasts are useless. Trust me, I’m not saying that with my Nespresso machine I will make the revolution for radio… I’m just saying that years ago I was not drinking that much coffee ! Arnaud   To subscribe to the webinar, it’s here!