Communicate at 360° ? The egg or the chicken of digital

What a pressure… Yes what kind of a pressure to compel oneself to communicate at 360°. You have to be everywhere otherwise you get criticised, otherwise you feel guilty, you wonder if you are really where we have to be…

Posting on LinkedIn to redirect to my Facebook page which links to my Instagram account which gets you to my Twitter account which allows you to follow my Snapchat so you can be sent to my blog which let’s me be referenced on Google and Yahoo to be identified so you can connect me on LinkedIn…

Where to begin? Which scenario to write? What kind of communication should I use on each social network?

It’s quite the paradox… Each of these social networks, once inside, lets you create your own network : one single network to rule them all… It’s the basics if you want to communicate at 360°. But how?

That’s just one of LiLiCAST’s magic tricks : offering audio, image, and text, the whole animated on one single format adapted for any social networks, and especially to yours.

And there is more ! The application posts automatically on your network starting with your audio creation, whether it is a radio show, a chronicle, a podcast, or your last interview.

So instead of stressing out and asking yourself “Am I everywhere ?”, at last concentrate on the essential again : the quality of your content, of your creations.