Understanding the one who listens

To create a new audience for yourself is a considerable task in the world of radio. But wait a minute, I’m not talking about seeking new listeners for FM broadcasting… Here I’m talking about new Audience with a capital A. A new one. And therefore it’s about understanding those who listen. The web addict, an individual who spends his time in front of any screen, be it smartphone or desktop, is a reasonable consumer. He searches, a lot, listens, a lot… but only what catches his interest. For example an aficionado of organic products will only look for information about organic products… nothing else. Here is where we find the opportunity for radios, and this is… revolutionary. They are the biggest content creators : how many radio programs and shows are made every week about organic products? So imagine… instead of publishing a 3h long show about organic products with music in between, an horoscope here, and some news there… imagine you finally decide to acknowledge those who listen. What if one show means several podcasts, short, reinforced with impactful images, key messages, call-to-action and links to other podcasts dealing with the same topic ? What if your podcast page becomes vivid ? Organised by topic, the possibility of full-text queries, and automatic SEO ? What if this year you enter the era of radio-on-demand, effortlessly… with LiLiCAST of course.   Arnaud https://lilicast.com/reach-new-audiences/