What is LiLiCAST?

There are 2 major trends in the AUDIO CONTENT industry. The actual mainstream solution, also known as Radio, is being challenged by consumers who tend to change their listening habits to the digital world where “ON DEMAND” is the new norm. On the other hand, the challengers, also known as Podcasters, are gaining a lot of traction.

Both have a crucial need: create their online community, based on their specific content…But how do you do that when you don’t have the time nor the skills ? You work with LiLiCAST!

In order to build a digital audience, you should make your content known….on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, whatsapp and youtube are all good channels to reach your targeted audience.

The best way to share your content on social media…is with a video…with 68% more impactful reach!

So one of the major output of LiLiCAST is a video like this one, that keeps the true DNA of the sound, but enhances it with texts & pictures. It’s more catchy for the audience!

OK, fine… but I don’t have time to do that, I’m a Host, a journalist, an expert podcaster…

This is where LiLICAST’s added value comes in!

Digital transformation it is not just the way content is distributed, but also how the content is being produced internally.

LiLiCAST is the first tool on the market built with the philosophy “New Way of Working”.
LiLiCAST covers the whole process of content creation: preparation, recording, publishing, fostering team collaboration and efficiency.
One single tool to make your team work together smoothly.

The added value of LiLiCAST is to propose an optimized process which allows a host, a columnist, or a community manager to share the best moment in an “animated podcast” in less than 3 minutes.

Lately, the corporate world started to see the benefits of corporate podcasting for their organisation to support content marketing strategy externally and promote knowledge sharing and communication internally.

LiLiCAST’s mission is to give radios, podcasters, corporates super powers to reach a larger audience by pushing their extraordinary content and message to where the listeners are, on social networks with no extra ressources needed.

All our clients have EXTRAORDINARY results building a large and regular audience.

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