3 tips for podcasting from a podcast specialist

LiLiCAST had the honor of interviewing Michel Godart, the co-founder of The Podcast Factory Org. He shared with us his 3 main tips for podcasting!

So today, we welcome Michel Godart who will first present himself!

Hi! I am passionate about podcasts. My podcast adventure began in 2007 where I have presented a podcast called Podcast High-Tech in Belgium and in France. The project stopped after 5 years but it was a big success, we met with Google Belgium! And then I decided to create an ASBL to officialize a legal status to several podcasts we created and that still exist:

  • HR meetup for HR
  • Midoricast for the environment and
  • What’s your story for the artistic world

Now, we are starting to create “schools” for podcasts. It is happening in shared studios, we train people to do podcasting, we try to have a maximum of it and everywhere. We are the first ASBL to live from podcast production, to generate revenues by the exclusive production of podcasts and not via donations!

How do you use LiLiCAST?

We use it since a year and a half. I use it my way, I like the flexibility and how the tool is easy to use, but I have specific expectations regarding graphic charts. I mix LiLiCAST with other tools.

We upload our podcasts on the platform, we add the visuals and the texts. Sometimes the texts are already on the visuals, this is how I distinguish myself from the classic use. We use it because it enables us to broadcast, to do teasing or to share episodes on social media.

What I really love on LiLiCAST is that there is a preview for:

  • YouTube,
  • another more classical, a square format for social media,
  • and there is also the Instagram preview

My podcast is ready to be broadcasted on all social media, I do two versions of it and I am everywhere.

Great! What tips for podcasting would you share?

I will give several! Something I really want to share, especially in Belgium: there is a big difference between the use and operation in the USA and in Belgium. Some trends should be avoided.


The first trend to avoid is to put your podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud and that’s it, no! The audience shouldn’t look for you, you have to look for the audience. Ideally be on a maximum of platforms, in order to be present everywhere, this way you will be found and your audience will be better.


The second advice is: I saw lots of people do crowdfunding, to generate revenues to be able to pay a sound engineer to do editing. There is no editing to do if we are able to have a perfect sound recording! Before thinking of engineer and editing, think of having a clear and optimal sound recording. The work will be then divided by 2 or 3.


The third advice I will share is the most important! You have to think about your editorial line, when you will publish a podcast, it is a promise to the listeners who subscribe to a RSS feed, they expect a regular content.

Lots of people begin podcasting, they think they will do one per week but they realize that one show of 30 minutes per week, it is 4 hours of work! They think it’s too much and they go from 4 promised podcasts a month to one when they get the chance and finally, they disappear, the project is abandoned.

It’s a shame to put energy in something you will abandon! Plan beforehand and estimate correctly the cost in time of your sound recordings and editings. Do a coherent editorial line and only after go ahead and do some tests!

These 3 tips will change your life for real!