Example LiLiCAST

It is an online video platform … There are parodies, various tutorials, clips, movies, karaoke, strange experiences … Videos mainstream, others more personal … Youtube is one of Google’s branches, it’s been 13 years that this site exists and today, for many people, especially the youngest, YouTube has almost replaced the television … We will immerse ourselves in the world of Youtubeurs this morning, they have channels, offer various contents … Who are they, how do they earn their living, has it become a full-time job and if so how? We talk about it with our guests. From our studio in Charleroi, we receive Lufy, hello! You are Youtuber, we listen to an excerpt from one of your videos … NETIA In short, you propose makeup tutorials, is that it? … Also in the studio, here in Brussels with us, Math is making movies … hello Math! “Math se fait des films” so this is your youtuber’s name, and you propose this … NETIA A short descritpion of what you do? … And finally, a third guest, it’s almost Christmas we spoil you, it’s Ralph Vankrinkelveldt, hello! You work in the agency Movietown, an agency that does marketing and especially with youtubers … Explain us a little …
Lufy, how did you start to be successful on Youtube, how did it started? …And you Math, when did you understand that it was going to become bigger, that you had a large audience? (which audience) … Ralph Vankrinkelveldt, did you quickly feel that Youtubers would become a flourishing marketing sector? Was it necessary to position yourself, was it necessary to go seeking these people, with an important, targeted audience? …
No more campaign without appeal

Lufy, today you make a living with Youtube. How’s it going? If I’m not mistaken, there are two sources of revenue to distinguish, video monetization, and partnerships with brands ….
Program Youtube Partner
… Math, for your part, there is still this monetization of course, it’s specific to Youtube … But you do not test products like Lufy. But you do, for example, place products in your videos … is that something you talk about freely with those who watch your videos, is it clearly established?
“Anything and everything … in respect of its audience”

“Product placement, James Bond has been doing it for 50 years”…

Ralph Vankrinkelveldt, we can imagine that we do not build partnerships with anyone on youtube … from which audience do you consider that a youtuber becomes an influencer? …

Micro-influencers: les than 100 000
Influencer: 1’000’000

Lufy, you mainly do makeup tutorials, it is a sector where a lot of youtubers have started … Is it very competitive field? Is it hard to find a place?

I diversified into Lifestyle. My strength was to start 7 years ago.