Passion at the radio show

It was a fascinating 2019 European Radio Show.

I had a crazy time with Jimmy from Marseilles, black music fan, with Bettina, perfumes aficionado. I had a great time with Caroline, scholar in erotic literature, Daniel manager in a publishing house… among others…

We came with our enthusiasm. We had imagined our stand. But I didn’t think I would talk about solidary economy, religion, press, astrology.

Between all those topics, in the middle of those improbable encounters, there was a recurring subject: how to share about your passion. Without a doubt our biggest challenge.

And for this the sport cars experts, the architecture fans and the ones who specialise in asian gastronomy that I met have to get the ability to transform into X-men or Inspector Gadget. They have to be able to write, speak and convince, to transform their passion into a chronicle, a show or a podcast.

Then they have to record, broadcast, promote… Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, iTunes, Dab+, FM, Web….

Passionates yes… but also writers, actors, sound engineers, programmers, advertisers, graphic designers, marketers, community managers, salesmen…

Passionates yes… but also a little lost, overworked, discouraged…

It’s often at that moment that we revived the flames… Simply by reminding them of our mission: enhance content, transform your passion into gold.

Thank you for those incredible interactions during those three days, thank you for the Best Service Award 2019 that LiLiCAST wouldn’t have received without you.

We now have to move to the next step: meet the boss.

The producers, radio managers, marketing directors… with you they have gold in their hands: your ideas, your content. For all other jobs you had to deal with until now: we take care of it. That’s LiLiCAST‘s magic.

Passionates… your bosses and managers are too. So with them we will talk about editorial strategy, team management, positioning, finance, branding, teasing, …

It sounds … fascinating!!!


Radio Enthusiast