LiLiCAST : the ultimate podcast software

Podcasts are undoubtedly the trend of recent years. Their main advantage is to be accessible to all. You don’t have to be a computer expert to be able to create something great. All you need is the right podcast software for you! These software programs can do multiple tasks: recording, storage or editing. They are very practical because they allow you to make your podcasts in no time. However, few software programs that include all its features exist. But that wasn’t counting the LiLiCAST web app! Come on, and discover all that this podcast software has to offer.

LiLiCAST, the software that helps you prepare your podcasts

To create a quality podcast, you must first prepare it in advance. Subject, important points to discuss, framework… Nothing must escape you! Thanks to the LiLiCAST podcast software, it becomes a breeze. To help you structure your podcast and achieve something clear and precise, the app provides you with an intuitive text preparation tool. Write down all your key ideas and organize your speech as you wish. This will allow you to offer quality audio that is relevant to your audience.

And for radio hosts or podcasters working with several people, know that this tool is collaborative! Indeed, all you have to do is add your team or the guests you will receive and prepare your show together. Everyone will be able to give their ideas and feel included in the podcast production. In addition to improving group cohesion, you will have the opportunity to do something rich and enjoyable for everyone!

prepare your podcast

A software for recording and editing your audio

podcast and radio recording

Once your podcast is ready, all you have to do is record it. With LiLiCAST, you have several possibilities. You can record it directly on the app using your microphone or load an audio you have previously made. Another possibility of this podcast software is to record radio broadcasts. You can do this when you listen to the show but you can also schedule the recording. All its features have been designed to suit both radio hosts and bloggers!

After recording your podcast, you will be able to edit and modify the audio. LiLiCAST is also very useful here. Indeed, you will be able to modulate your recording as you wish: delete parts, choose when it starts and when it ends and even create a teaser. You will also be able to add visuals to your podcast! Nice, isn’t it? Choose relevant images, integrate them into your audio and make your podcast much more captivating and attractive to your audience!

Publish on your networks with LiLiCAST software

For all people using podcasts, an important point is to be able to publish them easily and quickly on your social networks or on your website. This is the best way for you to keep the link you have created with your community but also to increase your audience. And, unfortunately, few podcasting software offer this feature. But this is not the case with LiLiCAST! Indeed, the app gives you the opportunity to make yourself known in the four corners of the world by sharing your achievements in an eye blink. You can then publish it on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in no time. For your website, LiLiCAST has installed a WordPress plugin that will make your work easier. If you are a radio host, you can also schedule the automatic publication of your podcasts on your radio’s website.

publish social networks

So don’t wait any longer, come and discover the LiLiCAST app!