Experts at Airtable give us their best methods for producing content as teams and bringing your content ideas to life. These practices are to not compromise your single source of truth, automate whenever it’s possible, and make insights accessible. Thanks to the Airtable article, we summarize why and how to apply such content operations with a tool like LiLiCAST. If you want to dig even deeper into content operations, we invite you to discover their full webinar. Find the link below the article. 


Best practice #1: Do not compromise your single source of truth

What you need to remember here is the importance of a single place to capture your all-important data, info, drafts, and material. In LiLiCAST, your content is centralized in the app, an all-in-one platform. LiLiCAST gathers your series, episodes, texts, audio material, and the videos you made. The entire content creation process happens in the same place. One input, one stream, constantly synchronized, and no data duplication. Within the app, your team also has a single source content library, so your brand audio, videos, images, and infographics can be uploaded and managed from the same place. 


Best practice #2: Automate whenever it is possible

In addition to encouraging ways to reduce time syncing data manually, this also means removing friction inside the content creation process and letting creativity and production flow. You do that by adding fluidity and removing as much frustration from the process.

In LiLiCAST, the production path is always the same. You start by structuring, recording, going through your content edition, and then finalizing and publishing it. In addition to this all-in-one logic, we added great features to reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. In LiLiCAST, your work is synchronized in real-time. Plus, you have the possibility to create templates for your episodes’ structure, available for use every time you create a new episode. You can also make your own audio library and easily access the content library of past publications.


Best practice #3: Make content insights accessible

This is something very important to us. You cannot manage content production properly if you don’t have the right data to form future content decisions. We added in LiLiCAST a way to get granular statistics right from the app. With our iFrame widgets, you have full control over where you share and publish your content with easy-to-read statistics. You can easily find them in the app to see which content is performing well and which is outperforming or underperforming.


In conclusion

The Airtable article explains that streamlining operations helps move your team from ideas to delivery and produce content the whole organization can be proud of. You do that by giving your team the tools to deliver the best content possible. LiLiCAST provides that space and means for your team to unleash their creative potential and do it with impact. The fully integrated process helps add fluidity and remove as much frustration from the process, and the best thing is that we can even help you implement it within your content production habits.