How to publish a podcast




Podcast is becoming more and more popular, and its success is still growing.  It demands little investment, equipment and time. It also allows you to create a close and intimate link with your audience while creating a notion of expertise on the chosen topic.
So why not start a podcast ? Find and prepare your subject. Record yourself, with the right equipment. Then you have to publish. And that’s where it gets tricky.

Where to publish ?

There are a lot of different ways to proceed and it’s not always easy to know which one to choose or where to begin.

For the publication of your podcast there are two main options : sharing directly on your own website or publishing on a hosting platform. Both solutions have their ups and downs. If you publish directly on your website, you need the right format, find a way to promote your content, and already have a good trafic. But you keep control on what you publish and your content stays with you. On a hosting platform, you store your files and create a secure database, they provide a RSS feed and you get the right format to share easily. You also take advantage of their audience to find new listeners. But it’s not free.

Few exemples of those platforms are Soundcloud, Audioboom, Blubrry, Itunes, Google Play, … To publish your audio just create an account on the plaform of your choosing and follow the instructions.

Improve your notoriety

Now you’ve made your decision on where to publish. But there comes another problem : notoriety. By publishing only on your website or the hosting platform, you will reach few people. And sharing an audio file is not possible on social networks.
It’s for that reason that you have to illustrate your audio, either your whole podcast or an extract to tease and redirect to it.
It can look like a loss of your time at first but it is a necessity if you want to grow your audience. If you don’t share your podcast on public platforms, your audience will stay very low. And even the one you already have might forget to check on updates and new episodes.
This is the reason why we created LiLiCAST. The application allows you to illustrate your podcast with images and texts and to transform it into a video shareable on all social platforms.
In only a few minutes, you create a social video that will generate trafic to your podcast, wherever you decided to share it!

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