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Do you know the LiLiCAST web app?


It is super easy to use and available everywhere, on your computer or smartphone, without installing anything! The interface is simple, fast and adapted to any audio creation, from preparation to broadcasting, including editing your content and hosting. In addition, the web app allows you to work in a team with several people, on the same platform and the same broadcast. It’s very practical to collaborate between facilitators, see each other’s work and thus, save time! You can customize your podcasts with our app, then share them directly on your blog or social networks.


The app to prepare and record your podcasts

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You can write and organize your text or ideas as you wish on our podcast app. And if you are preparing a show or podcast with several people, it is possible to work on the same file in a collaborative way. Once the preparation is done, it’s time to register! It can be done live or programmed to record the radio show of your choice, for example. You’ll see, LiLiCAST takes care of everything, all you have to do is set the date and time you want the radio show to be added in your podcast app. Then, many features and possibilities are available so you can redesign your recordings as you wish!

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Edit and bring your podcasts to life with the LiLiCAST app

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You can cut and assemble your audio files as you wish on the LiLiCAST app. Register for free and select the best moments of your audios to make the perfect teaser. Indeed, to highlight your podcasts before sharing them, you can illustrate your comments through various features: photos, text, GIFs… It is important to add a visual and attractive side to the podcasts to indicate the subject covered and make the audience want to listen to you. Once you have found the perfect illustrations to play your audio, it’s time to share your podcast directly on social networks or on your blog, and always via the LiLiCAST web app!

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Share your podcasts directly via our web app

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When your podcast is perfectly edited and highlighted, share it instantly where you want it: directly on your website, your blog including WordPress, but also on the various social networks. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter… You will see, the layout is adapted to each social network to be very effective and attract attention as well as getting people to listen to your audio. Indeed, short videos and animations work very well these days, so do not hesitate on making several of them to highlight each of your subjects.

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The podcast app designed by LiLiCAST is therefore very easy to use and allows you to perform all the steps of creating and managing a podcast on a single software. You can even maximize your online presence with sharing options designed to be optimized on each social network. Without being a technology pro, you will be able to captivate your audience with the full features of the LiLiCAST web app.

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